Exploring the Place of Music in Christian Worship

  Anthony Freddura is a lead business systems analyst working with Epsilon in Wakefield, Massachusetts. A lover of music and a member of World Vision Grace Chapel, Anthony Freddura participates in the church’s worship arts.

Music is a foundational element of worship. Since Biblical times, Christians have used music to praise God, express joy, and even proclaim God’s word. The Israelites sang after crossing the Red Sea and escaping the Egyptians, and as part of their worship in the temple, David sang to God in times of joy and sorrow, Jeremiah sang lamentations, and Deborah and Barak sang songs of victory. In the New Testament, Jesus encouraged singing as a part of worship. So did the apostle Paul.

Music is rooted deeply in worship. Today, songs are an important element of most worship sessions. Christians sing to express their love for God in accordance with Jesus’ command to love God with all of one’s heart, mind, and soul. They also sing to connect with God in a profound and unique way, outside the realms of spoken word, and to internalize scriptures (when hymns are drawn from the Bible). In addition, singing brings Christians together becoming one voice, one body.