Alumni Services of Stonehill College

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Stonehill College

Anthony Freddura serves as a business systems analyst and has 12 years of experience in the field of information technology. Anthony Freddura graduated from Massachusetts’ Stonehill College with a bachelor of science in business administration and marketing.

Stonehill alumni have access to several key services. The hub of alumni information and events is Stonehill Connect, an online community that contains a directory, event listings, photo albums, and more. Career services and ministries are two Stonehill services that don’t end after graduation. Alumni can utilize the Office of Career Services to get help updating a resume, practicing for an interview, or looking for new jobs. Further, alumni enjoy the services of the alumni chaplain, who administers to those who are sick, celebrates weddings and baptisms, and presides at funerals.

Stonehill’s Sally Blair Ames sports complex is also open to alumni who hold a sports complex membership. These alumni can use the track, courts, and fitness center at their convenience.


Grace Chapel Affiliate Launches Greater Boston Refugee Ministry


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Greater Boston Refugee Ministry

A resident of Arlington, Massachusetts, Anthony Freddura has been a lead business systems analyst and product owner at Epsilon since 2013. Actively involved in his community, Anthony Freddura regularly lends his support to the disadvantaged through Grace Chapel in Lexington.

For nearly 60 years, Grace Chapel has worked to transform the lives of the less fortunate and spread the message of God’s grace through acts of goodwill, making its impact felt not only in the local community but also internationally. To that end, Grace Chapel renewed its commitment to humanitarian relief by supporting the Greater Boston Refugee Ministry (GBRM) through the Emmanuel Gospel Center.

Over the course of 18 months, GBRM was developed to fill gaps in resettlement services and provide refugee families with access to community services. Over the next two years, GBRM will work to recruit, train, and mentor ambassadors for 10 church-based “Open Tables,” which will provide families with support including English language education, job training, health and housing assistance, and transportation. To lend support or find out about training and volunteer opportunities with GBRM, visit

The Plug In Program at Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts

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Plug In Program

For more than five years, Anthony Freddura has served as a senior business systems analyst at MultiPlan, Inc., in Massachusetts. Anthony Freddura balances his professional activities with his commitment to Grace Chapel, a nondenominational Christian church in Lexington.

Grace Chapel offers a number of programs and growth opportunities for congregants, including the Plug In project. Described as an instrument for life change, Plug In involves 10 weeks of small group discussion, personal reflection and study, and faith in action. The program is designed to help participants build their relationship with God and implement faith in their daily lives.

During the Plug In program, participants must engage in a minimum of eight of the 11 group sessions and set aside time every day for personal reflection to connect with God. Plug In participants also are required to support an outreach opportunity, join a focused prayer experience, participate in the commissioning/celebration evening, and complete a three-month serving opportunity. According to Grace Chapel, Plug In is perfect for long-time Christians and those new to the faith.

Role of the Business Systems Analyst

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As product owner and lead business systems analyst for Epsilon, Anthony Freddura builds on more than 13 years of relevant experience. Anthony Freddura comes to his role following service as senior business systems analyst for the MultiPlan health care organization and has led as principal analyst for Fidelity Investments.

As the position title indicates, the business systems analyst exists where the duties of a business analyst and a systems analyst intersect. Traditionally, a business analyst works with a company to assess and work towards organizational needs, while a systems analyst performs highly specialized work on a company’s information technology systems. The business systems analyst maintains a similar focus on technical systems, yet his or her role focuses more on using these systems to meet the organization’s strategic needs.

The business systems analyst must have a comprehensive understanding of the technological resources available to an organization. He or she must be familiar with software applications that address human resources, finance, and other operational needs and must be able to use this technology to move the business forward. Job functions often involve assessment of a business need and the creation of a technology-based solution that he or she then implements with the help of a personnel support team.