About ICAgile Enterprise Product Ownership Certification and Training

Anthony Freddura is a product owner and lead business systems analyst at Epsilon in Wakefield, Massachusetts, where he is in charge of the firm’s Agility Harmony platform, ensuring it generates continuous business value. An innovative developer, Anthony Freddura is an ICAgile Certified Product Owner. Specifically, he has completed ICAgile’s Enterprise Product Ownership (ICP-EPO) course.

ICAgile’s ICP-EPO is a professional knowledge-based certification awarded to people who have completed the enterprise product ownership course and learned the skills needed to turn enterprises from an output-based culture to one based on making an impact and creating value. The course gives learners the information they need to engage with stakeholders at an enterprise, identify what they consider to be of value, align it with the enterprise’s strategies, and measure its realization at scale.

The course is open to product owners and managers as well as enterprise leaders responsible for optimizing products’ and services’ value. Training is administered by qualified personnel through instructional activities spread out over two days. During training, participants compare value-based techniques applied by other organizations and identify cutting-edge practices they can borrow to maximize their own enterprises’ offerings.