The World’s Longest Guitar Solo

Anthony Freddura is an experienced business leader who has spent more than 6 years at Epsilon in Wakefield, Massachusetts, as product owner and lead business systems analyst. Outside of his work at Epsilon, Anthony Freddura is an avid fan of music, particularly the guitar.

The official record for the world’s longest guitar solo belongs to David DiDonato, a music instructor and seasoned stage performer from Austin, Texas. DiDonato set the record in May of 2012, soloing at Austin’s Red 7 club for 24 hours and 55 minutes. According to the World Record Academy, the day-long solo eclipsed the previous record for longest guitar solo by 38 minutes.

A member of ’90s bands such as Ultimate Dragons and Jolly Mortals, DiDonato has also played for Austin acts such as the renowned J Church and The Sword and Modok. He contacted Guinness representatives and a number of media members prior to the performance, which was live streamed worldwide by Garker and