Different Ways to Help People Experiencing Homelessness

Anthony Freddura is a resident of Arlington, Massachusetts. He has a degree in marketing from Stonehill College and is the product owner and lead business systems analyst of Epsilon Wakefield. Away from work, Anthony Freddura enjoys volunteering in charities, including Soul Food in Boston, which feeds people experiencing homelessness.

People who are experiencing homelessness face several difficulties that make living uncomfortable. There are several ways people can help provide relief for them. An individual can volunteer at charities that provide several basic amenities for people experiencing homelessness. Many of these charities need more staff on the ground and need assistance.

Donating clothes is another strategy to help people experiencing homelessness. By giving out clothes to homeless shelters, individuals can help provide clothing demands and needs for people experiencing homelessness. Hygiene products such as soaps, detergents, and bleaches also fall in this category.

Finally, donating food items to homeless shelters is a crucial way to help people experiencing homelessness with food items such as bread, milk, eggs, and so on. By doing this, they give charities and homeless shelters the ability to feed more people experiencing homelessness.