Stonehill College Achieves STARS Silver Rating

Stonehill College

With over a decade working in the project management and business analysis field, Anthony Freddura is a senior business systems analyst at MultiPlan Inc. in Waltham, Massachusetts. Anthony Freddura began his career with a BS in business administration and marketing from Stonehill College in North Easton, Massachusetts.

This year, Stonehill College achieved a STARS Silver Rating from the Association for the Achievement of Sustainability in Higher Education. STARS stands for Sustainability, Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System and represents a framework for universities and colleges to track their sustainability.

Stonehill has a strong history of commitment to sustainability, and in 2012 signed the St. Francis Pledge, a public promise to protect the environment and advocate for those affected by climate change. Stonehill was the 12th Catholic college to sign the pledge in the US.

The college offers solar energy and water conservation contests as well as a campus farm where students can learn about sustainability in a hands-on way. In addition to making changes to the physical structures of the school and implementing school-wide programs to reduce energy waste and improve environmental awareness, the school has many student-led groups focused on the environment including the Activism Club and Students for Environmental Action.

In 2014, Stonehill College implemented an official sustainability plan with the aim of achieving a STARS Silver Rating by 2018. Through their many efforts and clear commitment to the environment, Stonehill achieved the rating two years before their goal.