The Grace Chapel World Vision Program: Reaching Out Across the Globe


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Grace Chapel

As a member of Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts, I feel privileged to give back to the community by volunteering at Christian retreat centers and with ministries such as Fire SoulFood, an organization dedicated to providing Boston’s homeless and disadvantaged with food and clothing. Likewise, Grace Chapel spearheads many valuable international relief efforts.

In January of 2010, some 500 Grace Chapel attendees produced 2,500 World Vision Caregiver Kits, the result of an exceptional Christmas Eve service at which $70 thousand was donated to the project. Assembled with attention to practical needs, the kits included necessities to maintain good health and personal hygiene, such as soap, cotton balls, latex gloves, and other items that people cannot acquire due to a lack of the items or excessive cost. Since roughly 25 percent of families in Uganda care for a child orphaned because of AIDS, World Vision distributed the kits throughout the nation, making a difference in the lives of thousands of underserved individuals with HIV.

Grace Chapel launched its annual Global Awareness Week in November of 2010 with a keynote speech by David Ro, an International Deputy Director for the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization. The event focused on raising funds for victims of the 2010 Pakistan floods, which affected some 20 million people and left 6 million people displaced. Partnering with World Relief and World Vision, Grace Chapel donated all of the special offerings received during Global Awareness Week by the church to ongoing Pakistan relief efforts. To learn more about the valuable international relief activities undertaken by Grace Chapel, visit its website at