Grace Chapel Affiliate Launches Greater Boston Refugee Ministry


Greater Boston Refugee Ministry pic

Greater Boston Refugee Ministry

A resident of Arlington, Massachusetts, Anthony Freddura has been a lead business systems analyst and product owner at Epsilon since 2013. Actively involved in his community, Anthony Freddura regularly lends his support to the disadvantaged through Grace Chapel in Lexington.

For nearly 60 years, Grace Chapel has worked to transform the lives of the less fortunate and spread the message of God’s grace through acts of goodwill, making its impact felt not only in the local community but also internationally. To that end, Grace Chapel renewed its commitment to humanitarian relief by supporting the Greater Boston Refugee Ministry (GBRM) through the Emmanuel Gospel Center.

Over the course of 18 months, GBRM was developed to fill gaps in resettlement services and provide refugee families with access to community services. Over the next two years, GBRM will work to recruit, train, and mentor ambassadors for 10 church-based “Open Tables,” which will provide families with support including English language education, job training, health and housing assistance, and transportation. To lend support or find out about training and volunteer opportunities with GBRM, visit