Choosing the Right Guitar for Beginners

Since 2009, Anthony Freddura has served as a senior business systems analyst at MultiPlan, Inc., a healthcare cost management solutions provider based in Waltham, Massachusetts. In his free time, Anthony Freddura enjoys reading, writing, and playing the guitar.

While guitars can be broadly categorized as either acoustic or electric, within each category these instruments vary in terms of sound, size, string type, and shape. The many variations can make it difficult for a beginning players to choose which type of guitar to buy. To get started with the selection process, one should decide on the type of music that they would like to play.

The most common, and perhaps most versatile, of all guitar types is the steel-stringed acoustic, which can be used to play anything from folk and country to blues and pop music. The nylon-stringed classical guitar is another acoustic option that can also be used to play folk and pop, but it is particularly suited for classical, Latin, and jazz music.

In addition to acoustic guitars, there are a wide variety of electric guitar styles available for those who want to play rock, heavy metal, blues, jazz, or even country. The main difference between electric and acoustic guitars is that electric guitars use amplification instead of a hollow body to project sound. Many characteristics of electric guitars, such as string size and neck thickness, make them good guitars for beginners, but the added cost of an amplifier may make them a little more expensive than some acoustic options.


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Anthony Freddura has developed his skills as a Project Manager and Business Systems Analyst with 15 years immersed in various software projects. From 1990 until 1994, Anthony Freddura studied at Stonehill College, located in North Easton, Massachusetts, and earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing with a minor in History. Through the late 1990s, Anthony Freddura worked a series of Systems Quality Analyst jobs in Boston, Massachusetts. Anthony Freddura’s first position found him at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., where he served as the primary Analyst for a client/server transaction processing system. In 1998, Anthony Freddura joined Pioneer Group, Inc. to work as a Business Systems Analyst. For this job, Anthony Freddura documented business requirements, analyzed business functions, and coordinated file transfers to AS/400. In 2000, Anthony Freddura brought his computer skills to the Bay Area and Silicon Valley to participate in the tech boom. At Robertson Stephens Inc., Anthony Freddura took on a leadership roll as a Project Manager. Anthony Freddura then enjoyed a series of contract positions at companies such as Cisco and Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. From 2004 through 2007, Anthony Freddura worked as a Business Systems Analyst at Genentech, Inc. Anthony Freddura moved back to Massachusetts in 2007 to take on several Systems Analyst positions at companies such as Fidelity Investments; Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.; and Iron Mountain Incorporated. Currently, Anthony Freddura holds the position of Senior Business Systems Analyst at MultiPlan Inc. in Waltham. Outside of work, Anthony Freddura serves his community by providing guitar accompaniment for The Worship Arts Ministry at Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts. Anthony Freddura has participated in the nutrition program SoulFood in Boston, which targets undernourishment in the homeless population. In his spare time, Anthony Freddura also enjoys creative writing and reading.